He Ran the Bases Really Fast Subject Verb Agreement

Subject-verb agreement is an essential aspect of grammar that is often overlooked in the content creation process. When it comes to writing about sports, one common mistake is the incorrect use of subject-verb agreement. A perfect example of this is when writers say “he ran the bases really fast.” But why is this statement incorrect, and how can it be corrected? Let`s dive deeper into this topic to understand it better.

The error in this sentence lies in the subject-verb agreement. The subject in this sentence is “he,” which is a singular pronoun that requires a singular verb. However, the verb used is “ran,” which is in the past tense and is a plural verb. To make this sentence grammatically correct, the verb needs to be changed to the singular form “runs,” which agrees with the singular subject “he.”

Now, let`s take a closer look at what this sentence should look like with the correct subject-verb agreement: “He runs the bases really fast.” This sentence is now grammatically correct, and the subject-verb agreement is in line.

Another example of this common mistake is using a plural noun as the subject and a singular verb. For instance, saying “The team is playing well” is correct as the subject “team” is a singular noun that requires a singular verb. However, using “The teams is playing well” is incorrect as the verb “is” is singular, and the noun “teams” is plural. Therefore, the correct sentence should be, “The teams are playing well.”

In conclusion, subject-verb agreement is crucial in writing grammatically correct sentences. Always ensure that the verb agrees with the subject, whether the subject is a singular or plural noun or pronoun. By doing so, you will be able to write clear and concise sentences that are easy to understand. As a professional, it is essential to pay close attention to this grammar aspect, as it can impact the readability of your content and affect your search engine rankings.

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